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Legal & Policies

Safety and Compliance Policy for Time Together LLC

Absolute Safety of Children At Time Together LLC, the well-being and safety of children under our supervision is our top priority. Any compromise on this front is non-negotiable and will result in immediate cessation of the visitation.

Involvement of Child Protective Services (CPS) : In the event that Child Protective Services becomes involved with a child or family using our services, it is mandatory for the parent or guardian to notify Time Together LLC immediately.

Failure to disclose this information promptly can result in the immediate termination of our services.

Submission of updated Court Documents :All parents or guardians utilizing our services must provide any and all relevant court documents pertaining to custody arrangements, visitation rights, or any other pertinent legal matter before commencing supervised visitations. These documents will be kept confidential but are necessary to ensure the safety and legality of all visitations.

Prevention of Abuse and Neglect: Prior to availing of our services, parents or guardians must sign an agreement acknowledging that any observed instance of abuse or neglect during a visitation will lead to its immediate termination.

Our supervisors are trained to identify signs of distress, harm, or potential endangerment. Their judgment will be final in making the decision to halt a visit.

All such incidents will be documented, and relevant authorities may be notified, ensuring the safety of the child.

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