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Supervised Visitation Service (Off-Site) - Time Together LLC

At Time Together LLC, we offer a specialized supervised visitation service conducted off-site, ensuring that families have the opportunity to engage in quality time in a familiar or neutral setting away from our office. The essence of this service lies in its dedication to safety, trust, and the paramount well-being of the child.

Safety: The foundation of our off-site supervised visitation service is safety. Every location chosen for these visitations undergoes rigorous scrutiny to ensure it upholds our standards. Our team, headed by our founder Almira Esen, who boasts 20 years of experience in child protection, is trained to preemptively identify and mitigate potential issues, ensuring that every visit remains conflict-free and secure.

Trust: Building and restoring trust is at the heart of our services. Our role is not just to supervise, but to cultivate an atmosphere of trust between children and their visiting parents. By hosting these visits off-site, we aim to create a less intimidating, more organic setting where relationships can mend and flourish.

Child's Well-being: Prioritizing the child's emotional and physical well-being is our utmost objective. We understand that every child is unique, and so, our approach is tailored to fit the individual needs of each child, ensuring that they feel comfortable, supported, and heard throughout the visitation process.

It's important to note that Time Together LLC maintains a clear policy regarding our clientele. We exclusively offer our services to families whose cases are NOT  currently open with child protective services ( DCPP)  in the State of New Jersey. This ensures that we can provide undivided attention and specialized care to each family, without potential conflicts of interest. Our goal is to offer an environment where every child can safely reconnect and rebuild bonds with their loved ones .


Benefits:  Certainly, supervised visitation offers a multitude of benefits for both parents and children. Here's a breakdown:

Benefits for Parents:

1.    Safe Environment: Supervised visitation ensures a controlled environment, minimizing the risk of confrontations or misunderstandings.

2.    Rebuilding Relationships: It offers an opportunity for parents to rebuild and strengthen their relationship with their child, especially if there has been a long absence or previous challenges.

3.    Skill Development: Observing interactions allows parents to receive feedback and guidance on their parenting skills and ways to improve them.

4.    Reduced Legal Complications: With a neutral third party present, there's a reduced risk of further legal complications due to alleged misunderstandings during visitations.

5.    Emotional Well-being: Regular interactions with their child can reduce feelings of guilt, stress, and estrangement, promoting the emotional well-being of the parent.

6.    Understanding the Child: Regular visits allow parents to stay updated with their child's growth, changes, and developments, ensuring they remain involved and understanding of their child's life.


Benefits for Children:

1.    Safety: Children can engage with the non-custodial parent without fear, knowing that they're in a secure and monitored environment.

2.    Maintaining Bonds: It allows children to maintain a relationship with both parents, which can be vital for their emotional and psychological well-being.

3.    Emotional Stability: Regular, conflict-free interactions can offer a sense of normalcy, reducing feelings of abandonment or confusion.

4.    Expressing Themselves: In a controlled setting, children might feel more at ease expressing their feelings and concerns.

5.    Adjustment: For children dealing with the aftermath of divorce or separation, these sessions can help them adjust better to new living situations, especially when they can communicate with both parents.

6.    Validation: Knowing that both parents are making efforts to spend time with them can boost the child's self-worth and feelings of being loved.

In essence, supervised visitation ensures that the parent-child bond is nurtured and maintained, while always keeping the child's best interests at the forefront. Both parents and children can reap significant emotional, psychological, and relational benefits from such arrangements.

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